In April 2014 we hosted Chris Quigley training around the new curriculum and the staff have subsequently designed our new creative and inspiring curriculum around this.

We are a skills based school and the classes designed our own skills square which evidences the skills we are focusing on as a school. Each term the children work to evidence their progress in using and applying these skils. The children are very aware of all the skills required to be a good learner and they refer to them when discussing their learning. Over the course of a term they can collect stickers for each skill and receive, in our achievement assembly on Friday mornings, their Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum award. As this is new to the school, in January 2015, we have slightly changed the number of stickers so they are challenging but achievable.


  • Bronze – 3 stickers (over any of the skills)
  • Silver – 15 stickers(over any of the skills)
  • Gold – 24 stickers (all skills covered)
  • Platinum – Silver in Autumn ’14 and Gold in Spring & Summer ‘15

The Platinum award will be something exciting at the end of the year as it will take a lot of hard work and determination to achieve.

We have worked together to come up with Featherstone Wood's Characteristics of a learner and all the children are working towards becoming independent in these. Please click below to see how these skills develop accross the key stages.

Early Years  




Please click below for the coverage per year group.

Early Years                                                                

Year one                

Year two                                                                                    

Year three  

Year four                                  

Year five         

Year six





Big Write

In December 2015, Featherstone Wood introduced the Big Write programme. This was aimed at improving basic skills – spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting, whilst allowing children to independently increase their comprehension and technical accuracy.
After careful review of pupil voice, homework policy and feedback from teachers and parents; BIG Write is being re-branded as Creative Write and will be re-launched this Summer Term 2017.  One key difference with Creative Write is that the children will now be planning jointly with teachers on the day, and children will no longer be writing their plans at home.  We are hoping that by having teachers engaging in more talk, oral rehearsals and shared (plan) writing in class, that children will find their ‘writer's voice’ and have more confidence about writing independently. Writing should be purposeful, and we want our children to enjoy and be proud of their writing.
Our aim is still to raise standards in writing but in a meaningful and fun way in order for our children to be fully engaged.






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