Our Staff

Welcome to our staff section.

We hope you will like the pictures the children have drawn of us and feel they are an accurate likeness! Click on our names to read a brief CV.

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Shuttleworth, Headteacher, DSP


Mrs Franklin, Assistant Head Curriculum, DDSP


Mr Wilson, Assistant Head, SEN, DDSP


Miss Shurmer-Elliott, Early Years Lead, DDSP


Year 6

Ms Miller, Teacher

Mrs Burghelea, Teacher

Mrs Quarterman, TA

Year 5

Miss Maggs, Teacher

Paula Franklin, Teacher

Year 4

Miss Harris, Teacher

Mrs Bonner, TA

Year 3

Miss Walker, Teacher

Mrs Rawlings, TA

Year 2

Mrs Higgins, Teacher

Mrs Burghelea, Teacher (Fridays)

Mrs Jackson, TA

Mrs Driver, TA

Year 1

Mrs Levy, Teacher

Mrs Hares, TA


Mrs Shurmer-Elliott, Teacher

Mrs Doggett, TA and MSA

Mrs Rose, TA and MSA

Mrs Bevan, TA


Mrs Mago-Manyi, Teacher

Mrs Flounders, TA and MSA

Mrs Smith, TA and MSA


Mrs Driver, TA

Premier Sport

Mr Hawkes


Mrs Davis, Music

Mr Robinson, Trumpets

Mrs Humphries, Violins

Art Therapy

Miss Gledhill (Monday)


Adminstration Staff

Mrs Hoare

Mrs Larner

Mrs Livermore

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Livermore

Mrs Pring

Mrs Cox

Mrs Smith

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Reynolds

Site Manager

Mr Smith









Our Diary Dates