Our Staff

Welcome to our staff section.

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Shuttleworth, Headteacher, DSP

Miss Haynes, Deputy Head, SEN DDSP

Mrs Franklin, Assistant Head Curriculum, DDSP

Year 6

Mrs Franklin, Teacher

Mrs Quarterman, HLTA

Year 5

Miss Lockhart, Teacher

Mrs Bonner, TA

Year 4

Mrs Burghela, Teacher

Mrs Jackson, TA

Year 3

Miss Paine, Teacher

Miss Woolveridge, TA

Mrs Storey, TA

Year 2

Miss Shurmer-Elliott, Teacher DDSP

Mrs Quayle, TA and MSA

Year 1

Mrs Mago, Teacher

Mrs Pillips, TA and MSA


Mrs Bevan, Teacher

Mrs Flounders, TA and MSA


Mrs Levy, Teacher

Mrs Doggett, TA and MSA

Mrs Hares, TA and MSA

Premier Sport

Mr Daniel Eve

Art & Play Therapy

Mrs Waite (Thursday)

Administration Staff

Mrs Larner

Mrs Livermore

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Livermore

Mrs Begum

Mrs Storey 

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Reynolds

Mrs Halfpenny











Our Diary Dates