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Our Sponsored Spelling Bee competition will be held on Wednesday 28th March:


Our winners of Spelling Bee 2018

Harley, Maicey, Jessica, Kaci and Jayden

EYFS spellings

Year 1 spellings

Year 2 spellings

Years 3 and 4 spellings

Years 5 and 6 spellings


KS2 Reading Records

KS2 Reading Diaries will be collected in and checked each week on following days:

  • Yr3 and Yr 4 Wednesdays
  • Year 5 Thursday
  • Year 6 Monday

Diary reads totals are checked each week and total reads collated for that week.  Any reads noted after this, in the past, are not part of the week's new total.  Please encourage your child to read on a daily basis.


Spellings week commencing:

21 May

14 May

8 May

30 April

23rd April

16th April

12 March

26 February

5 February

29 January

22 January

15 January

8 January

11 December

4 December

27 November

20 November

13 November

6 Nov

30 October

16 October

9th October

2nd October

25th September

18th September

11th September

4th September












Our Diary Dates