Year Six 


Autumn Term

Welcome back to school!

In year 6, we will be learning about World War One in detail as part of our whole school Topic. We will explore the United Kingdom’s place in the war, facts that lead-up to the war and countries involved in the war. Finally, we will research how the war ended and why it ended.

In Science, children will be learning about classification system and keys used to identify a variety of plants and animals. Children will be researching and learning about the work of scientist Carl Linnaeus. Additionally, children will explore World War One art and create their own master piece which will be displayed outside their classroom.  In music, the children will compose and perform music that has a WW1 theme. 

In English, for our fiction unit (report writing) we will be reading Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black. We will use this book as a model for children to explore the cohesive devices used by the writer within and across paragraphs. 

In maths, we will start off by exploring, understanding and applying the number system. Making sure children have a clear understanding of place value. Followed by securing numerical fluency and developing strategies for problem solving. 


Topic Newsletters

Autumn 2018


SATs WEEK 2019:     14th - 18th May 2019 

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Please look at the School Reading List website for suggested books to further their reading skills in year 6:




Activity Ideas:


Visit National History Museum, look at classicisation of animals


Visit Imperial War Museum

Research and create an Anderson Shelter (What was it far, how was it used, who was it for, etc.)


Devise and investigate ideas for science fair

Useful Websites:



Spelling Grammar and Punctuation (SPaG)


Perimeter/ Area/Volumes (Revise, Activity & Test)

Measurement (Revise, Activity & Test)

Trigonometry (Revise, Activity & Test)

Angles and Triangles (Revise, Activity & Test)

Time (Revise, Activity & Test)

Roman Numerals

Revision (Mathletics)



Science Fair Ideas






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