Year Six 


Spring Term

 Welcome back to school.  This will be another exciting and very busy term for our children!

In year 6, we will be investigating different genres throughout the term. We will commence our term by exploring narrative poems and learn about the use of its appropriate structure. Children will be writing in a range of genres, taking into account different audiences and purposes. For our topic work, we will be learning about World War Two in detail. We will research about the United Kingdom’s place in the war, facts that lead-up to the war and countries involved in the war. Children will be expected to showcase their developed writing skills in a variety of genres across our curriculum coverage.

In Science, children will be learning about the circulatory system. Children will be identifying and describing the main parts of the human circulatory system, blood vessels and blood. Children will be recognising the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function. They will be able to describe ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans. Finally, children will be researching about how scientific ideas about diet and food were tested in the past and how this has enabled us to understand the importance of healthy eating.

In maths, we will start off by revisiting, understanding and applying the number system through the exploration of algebraic order of operations. Making sure children continue to have a clear understanding of place value. We will continue securing numerical fluency and develop strategies for problem solving. Finally, children will be revising many of the units covered in the autumn term: fractions, geometry and measurement in a variety of contexts.   


We know that a child’s ability to read is the key to their achievement in all curriculum areas. DfE analysis suggests that if all pupils in England read for enjoyment every day or almost every day, the boost to their academic performance would be huge! But did you know that reading also has a wider impact on mental health and wellbeing? Alongside the educational benefits, research suggests that reading helps you sleep better, improves social awareness, increases levels of creativity and can decrease levels of stress by more than two thirds!

The level of parental participation has a huge effect on a child’s literacy development, not just when they have started to read written words, but way before this too. A child’s literacy experiences before they start school have a significant effect on their educational success.

So in a nutshell:  Good literacy skills support wellbeing, accelerate performance at school and throughout life. Children are most likely to acquire good literacy skills through being taught the skills of reading at school and having regular opportunities to practice at home. So please work with us to promote reading as a valuable and worthwhile activity. Please ensure that your child, no matter what age is being read to, or reading themselves,  regularly at home.  

In doing this we will support our children to understand the importance of reading and strengthening the culture of reading for pleasure at Featherstone Wood!

Topic Newsletters

Spring 2019

Autumn 2018


SATs WEEK 2019:     14th - 18th May 2019 

Please click to see a list of Most frequently used spellings in past SATs papers and MATHS REASONING QUESTIONS.
Please look at the School Reading List website for suggested books to further their reading skills in year 6:

Activity Ideas:


Visit National History Museum, look at classicisation of animals


Visit Imperial War Museum

Research and create an Anderson Shelter (What was it far, how was it used, who was it for, etc.)


Devise and investigate ideas for science fair

Useful Websites:



Spelling Grammar and Punctuation (SPaG)


Perimeter/ Area/Volumes (Revise, Activity & Test)

Measurement (Revise, Activity & Test)

Trigonometry (Revise, Activity & Test)

Angles and Triangles (Revise, Activity & Test)

Time (Revise, Activity & Test)

Roman Numerals

Revision (Mathletics)



Science Fair Ideas






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