Our weekly assembly timetable

Monday – Whole School Assembly

In this assembly, we introduce our main theme of the week. This will be linked to an inspirational figure. We focus on our theme by sharing a rich text about their life.

Tuesday – Singing Assembly

The whole school gather to learn new songs and musical language.

Wednesday - House Assembly

This assembly is led by our House Captains. They deliver the information to the children in their house teams. It provides an opportunity for the children to delve deeper into our theme of the week. The House Captains also use this time to set house challenges which encourage the children to help their house win the weekly house competition by earning extra points.

Thursday – Class Assembly

Each class takes a turn to put on a show for their adults. Adults are invited (via Livestorm) to watch their child take on their role.

Friday – Celebration Assembly

Each week the whole school gathers together to celebrate individual and team successes. Each class selects a Star of the Week, Star Reader and Maths Star. Sporting successes and birthdays are also celebrated. Children also share home achievements such as sports club awards in this assembly.

Our Diary Dates