Pastoral Provision at Featherstone Wood

Pastoral/Nurture TA

We have a dedicated TA who runs a mixture of 1:1 and small group interventions every afternoon for identified children , focussing on topics such as:

  • Managing anger
  • Relaxation
  • Managing worry/anxiety
  • Building friendships

Our nurture TA also runs a lunch club every lunchtime for pupils who require additional support at lunchtime. Pupils have the opportunity to eat in a quiet, relaxed space with a small group of children. The nurture TA provides a combination of activities/play for children to engage in independently and more structured activities focussing on friendships, social skills and emotional wellbeing.  Pupils may self-refer to lunch club or school staff may encourage them to attend if they feel it will be beneficial for them.  Attending lunch club is optional. It IS NOT a ‘behaviour’ club for children who have behaved poorly or for pupils who are unwell.

Our nurture TA uses 'Boxall Online' - an assessment system which helps us to track key aspects of the emotional wellbeing of our pupils. It highlights particular areas of need and allows us to to target our interventions more effectively. 


All children and staff within school have recently received training from Yoga at School . All classes will take part in weekly yoga for at least one term per academic year, led by the class teacher. This provides an excellent way for children to develop their physical skills as well as listening skills, relaxation techniques and communication skills.

Play Therapy

The school employs a play therapist - Claire Waite - for one day a week. She works with identified children (with consent from their parents/carers). She supports children’s emotional needs through play opportunities and experiences.

Art Therapy

The school employs a trainee art therapist  who works in school 1 day per week with identified children (with consent from their parents/carers). This provides children with a chance to explore feelings and emotions through art. 

School Family Worker

The school employs a school family worker for half a day per week. She supports children and their families in the following ways:

  • 1:1 work with children around protective behaviours
  • Runs small group friendship groups
  • Runs whole class ‘Bright Stars’ programme – a programme to support self-confidence and self-esteem as well as relaxation
  • Signposting parents and carers to a variety of parenting groups/courses
  • Attendance at TAF meetings as appropriate

Peer Mediators and Peer Mentors

Over 20 of our current year 6 cohort are trained and delivering peer mediation and mentoring at lunchtimes. The training with them focussed on how to support their peers in resolving disputes themselves through agreed outcomes and actions, without the need for immediate adult intervention. The peer mediators and mentors are helping their peers to develop skills such as negotiation, independence, conflict resolution and resilience. In turn, the peer mediators and mentors are developing their own skills in supporting others, conflict resolution and empathy.

Sports Ambassadors

Buddy Readers

Each class in school is buddied up with another class. Once a week the children from one buddy class go to their partner buddy’s and practise reading together in pairs. This helps to instill a love of reading. It also helps younger children to practise their reading skills with an older child who can support them. And it encourages the older children to secure their own reading skills but supporting others and supports their own self-esteem.

Support for Parents

The school actively seeks to support parents. We have recently successfully achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) which centred around  our excellent partnership with parents. Ways in which we support parents include:

  • Referrals to school family worker
  • Half termly inclusion ‘surgeries’ where parents can meet with Assistant Head for Pastoral Care or SEN
  • Parent workshops – phonics, maths, meet the SLT, reading, ASD,
  • Parents noticeboard in the foyer which displays up to date information for parents, including weekly school newsletters, parenting courses, information from the local children centre
  • List of useful websites given to parents to help hem support their child’s learning at home
  • Signposting to useful/relevant parenting courses
  • Advice on e-safety included within the weekly newsletter
  • Policies on the school website
  • Weekly baby and toddler group held in school (open to all members of the local community)
  • Families First Assessment – targeted, outcome-led support for children/families with more than one need and/or more than one agency working with them

External Professionals

At Featherstone Wood we work with a variety of external agencies to support the pastoral work happening in school, including:

  • School family worker
  • School nursing service
  • Health visiting team
  • Children's services
  • GLAS (a project working around behavioural and emotional needs)
  • ADDVance - a service supporting children and parents/carers with ASD and ADHD
  • Education Support Centre (ESC)
  • Virtual School for Children Looked After
  • Intensive Families First support team

Adult Mentors

All children in year 6 have a designated adult mentor. This is a member of staff in school who is familiar to them and someone they have a good relationship with. The adult supports them as needed throughout theit time in year 6, particularly for their emotional needs. 


Mindfulness is at the heart of life at Featherstone Wood. As well as the provision outlined above - yoga, lunch club, nurture work in the afternoons with a dedicated TA - we also use the following strategies and resources to support a mindfulness appraoch in school:

  • Mandalas
  • Reflection and calm time after lunch each day - with mandalas, relxaing music and meditation
  • Gardening club
  • Emoji scale
  • Laughology
  • Reflection sheets
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