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What is the LPPA?

The LPPA is a nationally recognised award which is achieved by schools who work closely with the parent/carers of their pupils.

LPPA stands for 'Leading Parent Partnership Award'.

Throughout the year 2016-17 our school will be working to achieve the award through meeting the requirements of the ten objectives.

LPPA Objectives

Objective 1-We are committed to working with parents, staff, governors, pupils and outside agencies to develop strong parent partnerships.

Objective 2-We will demonstrate effective leadership, management and organisation of parent partnership.

Objective 3-We are committed to making our school a communicative and parent-friendly place.

Objective 4-We encourage parents and their children to learn together.

Objective 5-We engage parents and their children to learn together.

Objective 6-We provide effective induction support for parents when their children are new to our school.

Objective 7-We provide high quality information to help parents to support their children’s learning.

Objective 8-We provide parent- friendly policies and communication strategies to support children’s learning and development.

Objectives 9-We provide effective support for parents on their children’s transition to the next stage of their learning.

Objective 10- We plan to monitor, evaluate and further develop our parent partnership.

Key Documents.

Leaflet to parents and partners.

February 2016 Parents' Evening Survey.

April 2016 Parents' Open Afternoon Report.

Queen's Birthday Celebration June 2016

Transition Day July 2016 Feedback

September 2016 Parents' Evening Survey.

Parents' Calculation Policy.

How to comment or complain.

Moving To Featherstone Wood Primary School.

Leaving Featherstone Wood School.

Attendance Matters Leaflet for Parents.

Reading Leaflet for Parents.

SEN Booklet For Parents.

Taking Medicines At School For Parents.

Exhibition Day and Spelling Bee feedback

Communication Preference Questionnaire feedback

SEND survey feedback

Induction procedures feedback

Parents evening feedback February 2017


EN Survey feedback






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