Behaviour Policy

At Featherstone Wood we take a positive and proactive approach to behaviour management. Good behaviour is essential in order for effective teaching and learning to take place, and both pupils and staff have the right to work in an environment which is safe, friendly, peaceful and fair. Good behaviour must be carefully developed, supported and encouraged.  We believe that high self-esteem promotes good behaviour, effective learning and positive relationships and attitudes, and that these arise from emphasising potential, rewarding success and giving praise for effort and achievement.

The children have devised their own behaviour system where every child starts on planet earth and can move up the rocket system for positive work and behaviour where they can earn a marble, visit their foster class or see the Headteacher to share their hard work. If their behaviour does not meet the schools expectations they loose a marble, visit their foster class or see the Headteacher and complete a reflection sheet. Parents are informed if there is a pattern or escalation of poor behaviour. All incidents are kept a record of on CPOMS.

Every class works as a team to fill their marble jar with marbles for hard work and warm and fuzzies for helping someone and being kind and supportive. Once the jar is full the class has a reward that they have selected together in advance.

The children have also been focusing on Learning Behvaiours and these are re-enforced in class and during the achievement assemblies on Fridays. Every child has a skills square that enable the children to develop their learning skills. The skills we are currently focusing on are - independence, perseverance, respectfulness, risk taking, reflectiveness, stickability, communication and teamwork. Over a term they will be able to get 40 stickers - 5 for each of the skills. They get the shooting stars in assembly as per the table below but the stickers can be across several skills not just one. 

Number of stickers     ​ Award
​3 Bronze​
​12 ​Silver
​24 ​Gold
Gold award for every term ​​ ​Platinum

Every class selects a weekly star learner for the achievement assembly where they can show off their hard work and positive behaviour to the whole school and parents in our achievemnt assembly.

In the acheivement assembly the children also award a teddy (Feathers the Owl and Woody the Bear) to each key stage for the most organised and ready to learn class. Representatives from each class go round weekly to asses all the classes and complete a form.

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